Serial Theft

Title: Serial Theft

Crime type: theft

Suspects: none

Description: A thief has been snatching purses, cellphones and cash from unsuspecting shoppers in Flushing, cops said. The suspect was caught on video surveillance inside a Main Street grocery store, but investigators have linked him to at least nine thefts in the neighborhood. He last struck Monday inside CJ Supermarket on 40th Avenue and Main Street, where he swiped a wallet from a woman’s purse, cops said. He snatched a woman’s iPhone on March 3 at 12:30 p.m. on Kissena Boulevard and 41st Avenue inside the EW Studio, a cellphone store. He also has targeted women in at least four different grocery stores, cops said. Another theft occurred in a Starbucks on Main Street March 3.

Date of crime: 2015-03-03

Time of crime:

Location of crime: varied

Date of report: 03/23/2015

Time of report: 04:48:27pm

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